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Jan 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
agents association for their bravery. speaking of bravery, the nuns who run san francisco's immaculate conception academy showed a lot of it, as well. risking their own financial security for the sake of their students and the future of their school. there are 240 students enrolled at san francisco's immaculate conception academy. and on an average day, one quarter of them don't go to class. >> good morning. >> good handshake. got everything beautiful. >> thank you. >> which you may be surprised to learn is just the way sister lily fitzpatrick likes it. >> okay, girls, everybody here -- okay -- >> reporter: sister lily is the corporate work study coordinator. brought to work here three years ago when the school made a major change joining the cristo ray network of schools. >> let's go. >> reporter: and adopting a work study format. >> girls, do i walk too fast or do you walk too slow? >> reporter: a quarter of the student body isn't in class on any given day because they're in the real world doing real jobs. freshman carla gallo spends one day a week will do clerical work in oakland. >
Jan 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
of san francisco unified how some of its principals responded. i have no idea what title nine is, sorry. and "i need to know who i am talking to before i send that information." some principals said they don't have a coordinator. >> i think they were confused. >> reporter: principals in the bay area confused about where to send someone to file a sexual harassment complaint. >> if you had said who can i go to if i have a complaint about harassment, every principal should have said you can talk to me about a complaint about harassment or discrimination. if they didn't, i'd like to know who they are so we can follow up with them. >> reporter: we did say that in an e-mail. here's our e-mail. we said this person handles sexual harassment complaints. so are these responses okay? >> our principals will respond to parents and students about concerns. >> reporter: so you're not going to say one way or another if these responses are acceptable? >> we welcome our students and parents to come to us with any concerns they have about sexual harassment or discrimination. >> reporter: she told us the t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2